Vessel Safety Checks

Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) is a community service offered by the United States Power Squadrons®. Members are trained to conduct inspections in accordance the standards set by the United States Coast Guard.

The VSC Inspector will check your boat for all the required equipment and condition of your boat to insure it meets all the US Coast Guard equipment/condition. After a successful inspection, you will be given a decal which verifies that your boat has passed.

In the event there is a deficiency in equipment or condition, you will be given a copy of the inspection sheet with the deficient area listed. This will enable you to acquire the necessary equipment or correct the condition. Once corrected, you can request a reinspection and, on passing, are given the decal.

Inspection decals are valid for one year.

To schedule a VSC inspection, please contact:

Jon Vanatta or Phone (904) 859-1724