Welcome to the Education Home Page

One of the most valuable benefits of the USPS membership is the opportunity to take member classes. Jacksonville Sail & Power Squadron offers all USPS Advanced Grade courses and Elective Courses. Additionally, we offer a wide range of seminars and other on-the-water training.

As a member, you can build on the foundation you received in a public boating course you took before joining. The usual approach is to take Seamanship,Piloting, and Advanced Piloting in sequence. These 3 classes cover the fundamentals of boat operation and navigation in in-land and coastal waters. After Advanced Piloting, you can complete the offshore celestial navigation series by taking Junior Navigation and Navigation. Electives can be taken in any order, but you may find it beneficial to complete Seamanship first.

Jacksonville Sail & Power Squadron schedules classes so you can complete all advanced courses and electives within 3 years, and seminars are scheduled in keeping with the needs and preferences of our members. For more information on class availability, see the latest Education Plan or contact our Squadron Education Officer.

Qualified voulenteer instructors teach all classes. We recognize each student’s achievements upon completion of each course. Once you complete Seamanship, Piloting,and Advanced Piloting plus three electives, the USPS will recognize you as having achieved “Educational Profiency” and you will be well on your way towards meeting the internationally recognized requirements for internationally recognized requirements for “Inland Navigator and Coastal Navigator”certification. You will be recognized as a Senior Navigator, with full “Educational Achievement” status, when you have also completed Junior Navigation, Navigation, and six electives.

Come, learn with us! Wether you take just one course or all, you will receive the best boating education in Jacksonville!