Merit Marks

A “merit mark” (MM) is awarded by the chief commander to a member for substantial personal effort in furthering the interest, programs and objectives of USPS, its districts and squadrons. It is a coveted award; it is by and large the only official recognition members receive for their efforts. Only one merit mark may be awarded in a year to a member, no matter how extensive the contribution [Bylaw 14.1.7]. A certificate is issued, and a special insignia may be worn on USPS uniforms [Refer to 10.44 on page 10.8].

Recommendations for a merit mark are made by squadron, district, rear and vice commanders to the chief commander. Active, family and apprentice members may be recommended [Bylaw 14.1]. Merit marks earned by family and apprentice members shall not count toward senior, life or emeritus status [Bylaw 14.1.8].

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